Unique benefits of Putryana that are backed by science

What sets Putryana apart from other skincare brands?

Putryana aims to provide customers with the opportunity for healthy skin, protecting it from signs of ageing and repairing it against environmental stressors. We are among the first in Malaysia to introduce neurogenic science to skincare products. Our skincare line features ingredients capable of generating a neurogenic response connected with a feeling of well-being and calmness. Thus leading to healthier and radiant skin from within.

Botanical extract

High in anti-oxidant and anti-lipoperoxidase properties to reduce wrinkles and induce emotional euphoria.

Marine extract

Fights electromagnetic radiation and blue light exposure. This protects, repairs, and reverses the adverse effects of our modern-day living.

All-natural bi-polymers

Boost the skin barrier, protecting against trans-epidermal water loss while rebalancing the skin’s moisture level.


Feel good, looks good

This new approach refocuses our attention on what makes us feel well. The new technology of neurocosmetics helps evoke neurogenic responses, resulting in a positive well-being and calming effect. Advocating beauty through healthy skin.


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