Premium Malaysian skincare brand

In 2000, Honzie and Mei, co-founders of Putryana created their own skin care line to combat the late 90’s skin problem in Malaysia, skin peeling. Collaborating with fine doctors from Switzerland, Putryana was then developed using the latest Nano technology, for skincare products. Today, the brand Putryana has evolved to a higher level, the skincare products are improvised  to achieve higher state of beauty through skin wellness.

Putryana means My Princess. The brand dreams to express the princess appeal, bonding mothers and daughters through secrets of a refreshed natural skin experience. Putryana’s line of  products use special ingredients, rich to energise phytochemicals and induce  neurogenic response for the well-being of the skin. Putryana is suitable for all skin types. With beneficial oils as base, the duo introduces a skincare line which is safe, natural using high-quality ingredients. And yet, Putryana must be accessible to all.


Our Mission

Putryana as an everyday choice that nurtures confidence through healthy skin, evokes luxurious feeling and is accessible for all.

Our Vision

To inspire beauty through honest and natural skin journey.


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